K'NEX Education Robotics Building System

K'NEX Education Robotics Building System
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  • Manufacturer: K'NEX
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 79100

Build, Program & Control with the K'NEX Education Robotics Building System! This engaging robotics set for middle and high school classrooms aims to teach students how to apply programming skills to operate various K'NEX models. Students will design and build fully-functioning models, write computer programs, and use the Robotics Programming Software to communicate with and operate the models to solve Challenge Activities outlined in the lesson plans. The set includes over 800 K'NEX parts, Robotics Programming Software, Control Box, 4 motors, 1 push-button sensor, 1 distance sensor, 1 tri-color LED, 1 color/light sensor, and a downloadable teacher's guide with 5 progressive lesson plans.



  • Builds 9 Models, 1 at a time
  • Supports 2-3 students, working as a team
  • Aligned to STEM Standards, including Next Generation Science Standards
  • Windows / PC Compatible Only

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